Bakhoor Burners: Everything You Need to Know

What Do You Need to Know About a Wooden Bakhoor Burner?

Do you love the fragrance of perfumes? If yes, we have something unique for you that is more than a regular fragrance – Wooden Bakhoor Burner!

Bakhoor takes you on a journey into the fragrance-rich culture of the Middle East. People living in the Middle East use wooden bakhoor burner chips to keep their space smelling fresh all day. Moreover, bakhoor burners can be considered as a traditional alternative to air fresheners. The intense aroma released from the bakhoor burner has a calming effect on the mind and soul and it is an ideal choice if you love to indulge in a soothing vibe.

What Exactly is Bakhoor?

Bakhoor is a scented wood chip that is soaked in perfume oil for a long period and burning these chips in a wooden bakhoor burner releases an intense aroma using charcoal discs. Well, if you are concerned about the name, then let us help you Bakhoor otherwise spelled as Bukhoor is an Arabic name that means fumes. People living in the Middle East region use this wooden bakhoor burner on occasions such as weddings or relaxing time with family or friends. This particular product offered by Quesera has several benefits such as relieving stress and anxiety. It is also used to enhance the sleep cycle and lower systolic blood pressure.

Benefits of Wooden Bakhoor Burner

As mentioned earlier, Bakhoor burner possesses several benefits as it is also known for its spiritual connection. People living in Middle Eastern countries mainly burnt bakhoor chips to cleanse the surroundings and if you go through the ancient stories, you can find its reference in the Sanskrit, Torah, Gospel, and the Muslim scriptures. Historically, it has been used to cultivate a sacred atmosphere. Additionally, the following are several other benefits of Bakhoor.

  • It calms the nervous system and enhances the focus power of humans.
  • It is exceptional for performing meditative tasks as well as enlightenment.
  • While burning it is considered that the Bakhoor smoke carries prayers.
  • As the bakhoor burner possesses spiritual connections, it is considered that it opens up the third chakra while calming the entire bodily system.
  • It has a positive impact on the libido system.
  • It improves memory as well as denies worldly impurities to the mind.
  • Additionally, Bakhoor boasts significant medicinal properties. It is reputed to act as an aphrodisiac, diuretic, epilepsy relief, antimicrobial agent, carminative, and anti-asthmatic.

How to Burn a Wooden Bakhoor Burner?

  • Buy a wooden bakhoor burner from Quesera
  • Put the charcoal discs in the incense burner
  • Burn the disc using a lighter or matchstick
  • When you burn the disc, the spark traverses the coal, and the disc will be occupied by grey ash. This shows that the burner is hot and ready.
  • Put a piece of bakhoor chips on top of the charcoal disc to enjoy the intense fragrance coming out of the disc.
  • Once you are done with the burner, cover the burner with a ceramic dish to extinguish the coal disc.

In conclusion, shop wooden bakhoor burners from Quesera which should be the best thing you need to have in your closet. It is something that you and the people around you will admire. Also, you can shop for Arab head scarf for men from Quesera. Stay tuned with us or read more posts from Quesera to know more about our products and services.