Trendy Ways to Wear an Arab Head Scarf for Men This Season

Have you seen the traditional Arab head scarf for men before? These headdresses are fashioned from a rectangular cotton cloth called Ghutra that is commonly worn by men in Middle Eastern countries. On the other hand, females wear Sheila which is also more colourful.

You need to understand the importance of using Arab head scarves as they serve many practical benefits. Firstly, it will protect against sunburn and white is the normal colour, helping to keep cool during the summer season. This is also good for cold nights as you can get a thick one for warmth, and sometimes the Ghutra promotes protection against sandstorms which may come in handy.

When you go on a desert safari, you will get one as a gift to take home. However, it is essential to wear it correctly to facilitate respect for this local custom.

Below are some of the guidelines you need to ensure how to wear an Arab head scarf correctly.

  1. Fold the scarf

First, you need to half-fold the scarf, however, instead of folding it in half, fold one end to the middle.

  1. Place the Ghutra on your head

When you put the scarf on your head, the folded half needs to be placed on the top of your head and the unfolded half needs to be on the back of your head and neck.

  1. Twist both ends

With the two ends hanging down in front of you, give each side two twists in an outward direction (away from your body).

  1. Pull both ends over your back and cross

You need to flexibly pull the two ends in front of your shoulders and cross them behind your heads. This offers the signature bulge at the bottom of the scarf.

  1. Bring both ends back to the front

Once both ends are twisted and crossed, bring them back in front of your body (one on the left side and one on the right side).

  1. Wrap one end around your head

Make the one end wrap it over your forehead and around the back. Tuck it into a pocket at the back of your lower head and squeeze it in place.

Remember that lines or layers are more important to ensure the look of Ghutra and the best one often gets 10-plus lines which might be hard for beginners.

  1.     Wrap the other end around your head

Take the second end which is mostly seen by others and wrap it around in the same manner. Similarly, try for two lines and slide the end to make a tail-like appearance on the side.

Once you complete the process, check front and back to ensure that it looks perfect. Now, you’ve understood the step-by-step process of wearing an Arab head scarf for men. Next time, when you try wearing a Ghutra, follow these steps and put your skill to the test. This will make you look awesome and feel comfortable.

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